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We exclusively manufacture vinyl over foam dash pads like original GM. Ours are made with an ABS backer, which is the same material our fan shrouds are made of. We did this so they would fit correctly and be able to withstand temperature fluctuations by allowing the vinyl to contract and expand without cracking like OE ones did. ABS was not used to save money, it was used to make a better dash pad. Our dash pads have the same rigidity as original GM dash pads and can support their own weight. If you are looking for a perfect dash pad, this is not the dash pad for you.  We have tried to make the best reproduction part and still be cost effective. However, we are always dealing with multiple variables with the vinyl, foam, temperature, and humidity, so perfection will never be obtained. If you are looking for flaws, you will probably find flaws. If you are looking for the best fitting and best overall quality dash pad with the most original look, this is the dash pad for you.

They come with the clips installed and an installation hardware kit. They do not require trimming, cutting, or cussing to install. Made in the USA.

These are custom, hand made, and made to order. We try to keep them made up and ready to ship when you order. However, we sometimes have so many orders it may take us up to a week to get your order out. 

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  • 81-91 Dash Pad with Passenger Side Plate Special
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